MASTERING - The final Touch

we take your already great mix to the next and final level 

If you create electronic music like ambient, chill, house and more we can help to put the icing on your track.

We will take your track and make it ready for streaming services like spotify, apple and more. 

We listen to your track on several different speakers and headphones, making sure they are good on all devices!

We apply needed EQ, Compression, stereo width and maximize the loudness to match today’s standards. 

We can’t fix a shitty mix, but we might give it a try:-)

If you are able to supply a reference track to the project. we are able to get really close to the sound you want!

What do we offer?

The tools we use are normally 

  • Cockos Reaper
  • Izotope Ozone
  • Mixbus and a small variation of plugins to get the sound your track needs.

    You will always have access to the project online using our cloud service

    Mastering Project

  • Stereo Mastering
  • STEMS Mastering
  • Fast Delivery normally 2-3 days
  • Wav, Aiff, MP3 and Flac formats
  • Customer Service - We Listen to You
  • Serious Service, like in Goood:-)

Try Our Mastering Service

As we are implementing a new service platform, we would like to offer you a free demo of our services.