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Exploring the Depths of Sound: Cloudseed Reverb v2.0

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The Cloudseed Reverb v2.0 by Ghost Note Audio stands out in the reverb plugin market for its ability to create vast, ethereal soundscapes. Unlike traditional reverb units, Cloud seed Reverb is designed not for general-purpose use but to deliver special effects, transforming simple input sounds into lush, expansive pads. This makes it an ideal tool for ambient music producers and sound designers looking to add depth and dimension to their tracks.
As of writing this article they offer buy one plugin and get one for free.
So you have the option to get their Infinity Loop for free by purchasing Cloudseed.

Features and Capabilities

Cloudseed Reverb’s algorithms draw inspiration from classic 1980s reverb units, yet it does not replicate any specific device. Instead, it offers a unique reverb experience tailored for creating modulated echoes and endless spaces. The plugin supports both Windows and finally macOS, including native support for Apple Silicon, ensuring compatibility with modern DAW workflows.

User Experience

Installation is straightforward, with the software available for evaluation without expiration. This allows users to fully explore its capabilities before committing to a purchase. The plugin is available in both personal and professional licenses, catering to hobbyists and commercial users alike.


Cloudseed Reverb excels in generating thick, immersive reverb effects that can transform the sonic character of any track. Its ability to handle simple inputs and produce complex, textured outputs makes it a powerful tool for music production. The open-source core algorithm further enhances its versatility, allowing for adaptation in various hardware and software environments.


Cloudseed Reverb v2.0 is a great option for producers seeking to elevate their soundscapes. Its unique approach to reverb, combined with robust compatibility and user-friendly installation, makes it a suitable choice in the realm of reverb plugins. For more details, visit Ghost Note Audio.

Great sounding reverb if you are looking for lushness:-)
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