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Realms by Sample Logic – Cinematic Spaces Multi Effect Plugin.

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Dive into the realm of sound transformation with the newly updated Realms by Sample Logic. This multi-effect plugin stands at the intersection of music and sound design, offering an innovative toolkit for cinematic spaces creation. After been in kinda prerelease for a long time Realms has finally matured to version 1.0.2. Lets take a look at its features and use cases.


Redefining Soundscapes: Realms reimagines the boundaries between music and sound design. It’s a dynamic environment where traditional reverb processing makes way for limitless creativity. The updated version includes enhanced external MIDI and DAW controls, ensuring smoother integration into your workflow.

  1. A Creative Partner: More than just an audio tool, Realms is your collaborator in designing unique sonic spaces. It combines convolution, digital delay, dub, chorus, width, rhythm, and ambience to create innovative cinematic spaces.
  2. Intuitive and Diverse Presets: With over 400 effect presets and four dynamic effect modules (Dub Delay, Digital Reverb, Chorus, Impulse Reverb), Realms invites you to explore diverse aural landscapes. From subtle textures to avant-garde sounds, each preset is an adventure into new sonic territories.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin features an XY morphing pad with MIDI controller capabilities, enabling real-time sound sculpting. The randomization option offers trillions of combinations for endless inspiration.
  4. Technical Specifications: Realms is compatible with Windows VST2 / VST3 & Mac Audio Units (AU), making it accessible for a wide range of users. It requires minimal storage space and is optimized for various computer configurations.

Exploring the XY Interface

The XY interface in Realms by Sample Logic is a notable feature that enhances the plugin’s functionality. Here’s a concise overview:

  1. Functional Design: The XY interface offers a two-dimensional control surface. Users can manipulate sound by moving a point across the pad, adjusting multiple parameters simultaneously. This approach enables more nuanced control compared to traditional sliders or knobs.
  2. Real-Time Sound Manipulation: The interface allows for real-time changes to sound effects. For instance, moving horizontally might alter one aspect of the chorus effect, while vertical movements could change delay times. This can result in complex sound textures.
  3. MIDI Compatibility: The XY pad supports MIDI controller integration. This feature is practical for users who prefer physical controls, facilitating a more interactive and direct manipulation of sound parameters.
  4. User Experience: The interface is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for users at different skill levels. It aids in exploring and experimenting with sound effects efficiently.
  5. Application in Various Settings: Its real-time control makes it suitable for both studio production and live performance, providing versatility in different audio creation environments.

In summary, the XY interface in Realms adds a layer of control and interaction in sound design, allowing for more detailed and immediate manipulation of audio effects.

Special Offer: For a limited time, avail of the updated Realms at a promotional price of $50, a significant drop from its usual price of $99.

Easy to use and great sound!

The updated Realms by Sample Logic is a gateway to new dimensions in sound design. Whether you’re a music producer, sound designer, or audio enthusiast, Realms is a tool that can elevate your audio experience to unparalleled levels.
The XY knob gives alot of automation tweaking options.

Love the simple interface
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