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Hey there! I’m here to introduce you to AIR Sprite, a new multieffect plugin that promises to take your music production to the next level.
Air seems to be on fire with their releases these days. Today they have launched Sprite, their multieffect plugin.
I will give this a spin in the next week or so, and make a review with more information as I learn the plugin and what it is capable of doing.

This powerful tool is designed for both enthusiasts and professionals like me who are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our sound.

With a user-friendly interface and easy control macros, AIR Sprite promises to make it a breeze to create unique effects in no time. Whether you’re into distortion or modulation, this plugin has got you covered with its nine distortion models and two modulation slots.

But what really sets AIR Sprite apart is its ability to customize every aspect of the effects. From filtering and mix control to detailed sound editing, this plugin allows you to shape your sound exactly how you want it. A simple macro interface and you flip it and get total control over the settings.

So if you’re ready to go beyond the ordinary and create brilliant music, give AIR Sprite a try. Download the demo version now and experience 10 days of pure musical magic!
Also, they have a launch promotion going on, saving you 50% on retail pricing.

A quick look overview

  • Powerful multi-FX processor for unique sounds
  • Intuitive user interface with macros page for control
  • Nine distortion models with filtering and mix control
  • Two modulation slots with classic types and controls

Looking to add subtle enhancements or completely transform your sounds, AIR Sprite has everything you need to take your music production to the next level.
Here is their own short introduction video.

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Official Product Link:

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