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Introducing the TDR Special Filters Bundle by Tokyo Dawn Records

Updated: 13. February 2024

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The TDR Special Filters Bundle is a collection of four distinct audio filters, each serving unique purposes in audio production. Let’s take a deeper look into the functionalities and applications of each component:

1. TDR Infrasonic – Enhanced Low-Frequency Control

TDR Infrasonic is specially designed for managing the almost inaudible low-frequency regions of audio mixes. This tool is vital for producers and engineers who need to shape the sub-bass and bass frequencies carefully. Its continuously variable slope filter allows for smooth transitions and precise control over the filter’s characteristics. The mixed phase modes provide flexibility in processing, catering to different mixing needs, while the mix control offers the ability to blend the processed signal with the original for a natural sound. The inclusion of a dynamic bump and harmonic exciters is particularly innovative. These features help reintroduce any perceived energy loss due to the filtering process, ensuring that the low-end retains its impact and presence in the mix. This makes TDR Infrasonic an essential tool for mastering engineers and anyone dealing with low-frequency management in various audio formats, from digital streaming to vinyl production.

2. TDR Elliptical – Precise Stereo Field Manipulation

TDR Elliptical is an advanced elliptical equalizer focused on managing low-frequency stereo information, crucial for maintaining a balanced and focused stereo image. This tool is particularly useful in scenarios where low-frequency elements like kick drums and bass lines need to be centered or spread in the stereo field for better clarity and impact. The continuously variable slope filter allows for fine-tuning of the frequency response, ensuring that adjustments are both musical and technically precise. The minimum and linear phase modes offer options between more natural, phase-coherent processing and linear phase processing for critical applications where phase relationships are paramount. The mix option provides additional flexibility, allowing users to blend the processed signal with the unprocessed one, achieving the desired effect without over-processing. Advanced perceptual filtering techniques and mono-summing compensation help in preserving the integrity of the musical elements, ensuring that the adjustments made translate well across different playback systems.

3. TDR Ultrasonic – High-Frequency Spectrum Management

TDR Ultrasonic addresses the challenges of ultrasonic frequency build-up, a common issue in high-resolution audio production, especially when working with sample rates beyond standard CD quality. This tool is particularly useful for mastering engineers and producers working in high-definition audio formats. The linear phase filter with a continuously variable slope ensures that the filtering is transparent and doesn’t introduce phase anomalies in the audible spectrum. The mix control allows for blending the processed and unprocessed signals, providing flexibility in how aggressively the ultrasonic content is managed. The dynamic Ultrasonic Gate options are a standout feature, allowing users to transparently block content above the human hearing range. This results in a cleaner, more focused audible spectrum and helps in reducing overall distortion, particularly important in high-resolution audio formats where ultrasonic content can indirectly affect the perceived quality of the audible range.

4. TDR Arbiter – Dynamic Frequency Balancing

TDR Arbiter is a versatile tool designed for frequency-selective spectral balancing. Its unique feature is the relative nature of its processing, meaning the effect it applies is consistent regardless of the input signal level. This makes it highly effective for applications such as de-essing, where harsh sibilance needs to be controlled, or for managing plosive sounds in vocal recordings. The tool’s ability to manipulate the frequency balance without affecting the original signal’s dynamic structure is invaluable in both mixing and mastering contexts. Producers and engineers can use TDR Arbiter to subtly or dramatically alter the tonal balance of a track or a full mix, ensuring that the end result is both dynamically consistent and tonally balanced. This level of control makes it an optimal choice for a wide range of scenarios, from subtle vocal adjustments to comprehensive tonal reshaping of complex mixes.

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The TDR Special Filters Bundle offers a comprehensive set of tools for detailed and precise audio manipulation, catering to the needs of audio professionals across various aspects of production. Each component brings a unique set of features and capabilities, making the bundle a versatile and valuable addition to any audio processing toolkit.

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