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You’re stepping into a new era of audio production with Spacelab Object Based Reverb by Fiedler-Audio. This innovative tool allows you to manipulate up to 256 audio objects in space, turning your soundscapes into realistic, three-dimensional experiences. Unlike traditional reverb systems that generally manage sound in a less dynamic way, Spacelab empowers you with precise control over each sound object’s spatial placement and reverberation. Whether you’re aiming to create immersive settings for Dolby Atmos or simply enhance your audio projects, Spacelab’s intuitive interface makes it brilliantly simple. You’ll shape your audio like never before, crafting enveloping soundscapes with unparalleled detail. Stick around to uncover this sonic revolution further.

Key Takeaways

  • Spacelab by Fiedler-Audio merges reverb with 3D spatial audio and panning for enhanced audio object manipulation.
  • Allows manipulation of up to 256 audio objects within a virtual space, enhancing precision in sound placement.
  • Offers advanced capabilities for creating realistic room simulations and dynamic soundscapes.
  • Compatible with various audio formats, including mono, stereo, and surround, making it versatile for different production needs.
  • Features an intuitive user interface, simplifying the complex process of audio spatialization for professionals.

Breakthrough in Audio Spatialization

Spacelab transforms audio spatialization by treating sounds as objects within a virtual space, streamlining the creation of natural spatial effects. Imagine you’re crafting your audio landscape where each sound can live and move freely. This object-based approach by Fiedler-Audio isn’t just about placing sounds; it’s about breathing life into them, making your projects vibrant with immersive audio that envelops the listener.

With Spacelab, you’re not just mixing; you’re sculpting in 3D audio. The constraints of traditional sound mixing dissolve, giving you the liberty to focus on creativity rather than complex routing. Every sound element becomes an object that can be positioned and moved in three-dimensional space. This breakthrough technology means that the spatial effects you conjure aren’t just heard; they’re experienced, making every audio narrative more compelling and realistic.

Whether you’re working on a film score, a video game, or a virtual reality experience, Spacelab offers the tools to transform auditory experiences into a rich, multi-dimensional journey. Your projects can now resonate with audiences in more profound, meaningful ways, thanks to the pioneering vision of Fiedler-Audio. This isn’t just sound engineering; it’s sound evolution.

Features and Capabilities

You’ll discover that Spacelab merges reverb, panning, and spatial audio into one seamless plugin, catering to diverse production needs from music to VR. This tool lets you manipulate up to 256 audio objects in space, ranging from the intimate dimensions of a small room to the expansive echoes of a vast arena. You’re no longer confined to traditional sound boundaries; instead, you’re free to explore the sonic landscape as if you’re painting with sound.

The revolutionary workflow of Spacelab is designed to simplify your creative process. By treating sounds as individual objects, you can place and move them in three-dimensional space with unprecedented precision. This capability is especially important when you’re aiming for immersive audio experiences like those required in Dolby Atmos or MPEG-H projects. You won’t need to grapple with complex routing anymore, as Spacelab handles the spatial and reverberative aspects effortlessly.

Whether you’re crafting a dense, multi-layered soundtrack for a blockbuster film or fine-tuning the ambience of a virtual reality environment, Spacelab’s object-based reverb technology offers a flexibility that ignites your creative spirit. Immerse yourself in a world where audio limitations dissolve, and your ideas soar freely in an expansive auditory space.

Application in Professional Audio

Professionals across music, film, broadcasting, gaming, and VR/AR industries find Spacelab’s innovative approach essential for achieving precise acoustic perspectives. Embracing Spacelab means you’re not just working with any reverb tool; you’re adopting a groundbreaking method that treats your sounds as audio objects in space, providing a depth and authenticity that’s second to none.

Here’s how Spacelab transforms professional audio production:

  • 3D Audio Production: Elevate your projects with dynamic spatial audio that breathes life into every scene or track.

  • Immersive Audio Projects: Create enveloping soundscapes that transport your audience into the heart of the experience.

  • Natural Spatial Effects: Achieve realistic reverberations with simplified controls tailored for professional outputs.

  • Versatile Format Support: Whether it’s mono, stereo, or surround, Spacelab handles them all, ensuring your audio plays back perfectly on any system.

  • Ease of Use: Say goodbye to complex routing. Spacelab’s intuitive interface lets you focus on creativity without the technical hassle.

Comparison With Traditional Reverb

While the unique features of Spacelab redefine audio spatialization, it’s helpful to contrast them with the capabilities of traditional reverb systems. You’ve probably noticed that traditional reverbs often apply effects uniformly across all elements of your mix, which can limit your creative freedom. Spacelab, however, empowers you to place audio objects precisely where you want them in the virtual space, offering a much more dynamic approach to shaping your sound.

Here’s a quick comparison to show you what you’re gaining with Spacelab’s innovative approach:

FeatureTraditional ReverbSpacelab Object-Based Reverb
Spatial PlacementUniformPrecise per object
Panning CapabilitiesStandard StereoAdvanced 3D panning
Routing ComplexityOften ComplexSimplified and Intuitive

This table highlights how Spacelab’s object-based approach isn’t just about adding depth; it’s about giving you the freedom to manipulate each sound in your mix independently. With 3D panning and easier routing, you’re no longer limited by the traditional constraints of reverb. Explore Spacelab and discover how you can transform your audio landscapes, breaking free from the one-size-fits-all approach to reverb.

Key Features

Spacelab’s realistic room simulation and flexible format compatibility greatly enhance audio production quality. You’ll find Spacelab not just a tool, but a revolution in your audio projects, freeing you from the constraints of traditional audio processing.

  • Realistic Room Simulation: Immerse yourself in environments that truly mimic physical spaces, making your audio breathe with authenticity.

  • Flexible Format Compatibility: Work seamlessly across any audio format, ensuring your projects are never bounded by technical limits.

  • Spatial EQ: Shape the perfect sound with precision. Tailor your reverb tails to fit the mood and style of your tracks.

  • Adjustable Reverb Time: Fine-tune the decay of your sounds in each frequency band, giving you unparalleled control over the sonic landscape.

  • User-Friendly Experience: Navigate through Spacelab’s intuitive interface with ease, making complex adjustments straightforward and hassle-free.

Spacelab isn’t just about enhancing sounds; it’s about exploring your creative potential. With tools like spatial EQ and adjustable reverb time, you’re equipped to transform any audio into a masterpiece. Embrace the freedom to discover and manipulate soundscapes in ways you’ve only imagined. Spacelab is your gateway to audio excellence.



Dolby Atmos Composer is a plugin that enhances audio production by allowing you to create and manipulate sound in a three-dimensional space, giving your projects a more immersive and dynamic auditory experience.

Enhance your audio with this Reverb

Explore the future of sound with Spacelab Object-Based Reverb by Fiedler-Audio. This tool is a game-changer, enhancing your audio projects with stunning clarity and depth.

Whether you’re mixing a track, scoring a film, or designing game audio, Spacelab allows you to place sound elements with precision, creating a truly immersive experience.

Immerse yourself in this cutting-edge technology and let your creative spirits soar.
On my current system, running Mac M2 16 gb. Ram. its hard on the cpu, but not to the degree that I wont use it.
Just have to use it with consideration.
Also its kinda pricy if you go for the full Interstellar version.

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