Welcome  to 24bit website.

My name is Dan Stanley and this is my playground for everything concerning sound creation.

I have been into sound and music since I was kid…long time ago. I have tried to play Violin, trumpet(damn that needs some good lungs), Guitar and finally my eyes/ears caught syntheziesers, drummachines and sequencers. My small dorm room was filled to the breaking point with analog and digital gear like Roland SH-101, Juno 2, TR-707, S10 and not least there MSQ100 step sequencer with memory for 100000steps:-) 
Then there was Korg DSS-1, Poly800, Akai MG614 Tapedeck and some Tascam decks. A large amount of foot pedals and cables.
Also was interviewed for Danish Radio where I had a couple of tracks played. Maybe I will share these one day. They are bad so bad.

The Atari years.
In the early/mid 80´s I got my hand on Atari 1040STe computer running Dr. t´s sequencer, Emagic Logic and Cubase(which as I recall was introduced as Cubix). Also bought Hybrid Arts Adap sampler and Akai S-1000. 

Started Computer Music Denmark(CMD), which imported and sold hard and software like Gigasamples libraries, Soundpool perispherals and Atari Falcon 030. 
When Atari died it became PC and Cubase, Reason and for many many years it was Ableton Live and now also Cockos Reaper as my main DAW. 
I do everything in the box and have always focused in creating a fantastic mix, because I knew nothing about mastering, compression etc. I just turned up the fader and away we went. The last 10 years I have focused heavily on producing, mixing and mastering. 
Keep it simple


Music genres.
Always been into the experimental type of music, but like listening to ambient, chill, metal and even George Michaels album Older has its place. 
I am always open to a collaboration, and will always help with mixing, mastering , production.


October 2019