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Updated: 18. January 2024

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Ready to tap into your creative potential and elevate your electronic music productions to new heights? There’s no need to search any longer! Izotope Neutron 4 is here to fulfill all your mixing needs. It’s the ultimate all-in-one tool crafted specifically for electronic music producers like yourself.

Neutron has consistently been my go-to tool for all tracks since it was first released years ago. Over time, it has continually improved and gained more features, making it even more beneficial and versatile. I simply have it preinstalled as channel strip on every track, ready to go.

Think of Neutron 4 as your trusty sonic sculptor, helping you mold and shape your tracks into masterpieces. You can start out with a transparent mix and then use the features like saturation and really give the mix some character and grit. I often as in almost also use other plugins to sculpt the sound, but Neutron is the starting point.

Just like a skilled painter uses various brushes and techniques to bring their vision to life, Neutron 4 offers a range of innovative features that will revolutionize your mixing process. With its intelligent algorithms, this powerful plugin can analyze and balance your mix with precision, correcting any imbalances in the frequency spectrum.

And that’s not all – Neutron 4 also provides you with unrivaled EQ and compression capabilities, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your sound.

But what truly sets Neutron 4 apart is its time-saving functionalities. The Track Assistant feature intelligently suggests settings based on the audio material, while the Visual Mixer lets you see and adjust the levels of individual tracks in a virtual space. Plus, with EQ Masking, you can easily identify overlapping frequencies and make informed decisions about where to make adjustments.

Whether you want to shape tonal character, control stereo width, or add the perfect amount of EQ and compression – Neutron 4 has got you covered. It’s like having an entire studio at your fingertips.

Key Takeaways

  • Izotope Neutron 4 is a comprehensive and innovative all-in-one mixing tool designed for electronic music producers.
  • Neutron 4 offers advanced features such as intelligent frequency spectrum analysis and balancing, powerful EQ and compression capabilities, and tools like Track Assistant, Visual Mixer, and EQ Masking for efficient and intuitive mixing.
  • The new features in Neutron 4 include the Unmask Module, Exciter Module with Trash Mode, and Compressor Module with Punch Mode, enhancing its versatility and functionality.

Key Features

With its arsenal of intelligent algorithms and powerful EQ and compression capabilities, Neutron 4 emerges as a musical maestro, effortlessly conducting the symphony of frequencies to achieve professional and polished mixes.

One of its key features is the implementation of intelligent algorithms that analyze and balance the mix. These algorithms have been meticulously designed to detect any imbalances in the frequency spectrum and correct them seamlessly, ensuring a well-defined and dynamic range.

Neutron 4 also offers precise control over the mix with its advanced EQ and compression capabilities. Its wide range of options allows for detailed adjustments to the music’s tonal balance and dynamics, resulting in a truly customized sound.

Additionally, Neutron 4 provides a visual mixing interface through its Visual Mixer feature. This intuitive interface allows users to adjust levels and panning visually, making it easier than ever to create impactful mixes. It’s one of the features I wanted to like and use, but I still prefer using the faders of my DAW or my mixer interface.

Another standout feature is EQ masking, which helps identify conflicts between different tracks in the mix. By highlighting areas where tracks may be clashing in frequency content, Neutron 4 enables users to address these issues effectively, resulting in a clean and balanced sound.

Balance and Analyze Mix

Achieve a well-balanced and meticulously analyzed mix by utilizing the intelligent algorithms and advanced features of Izotope Neutron 4. With its innovative technology, this exceptional all-in-one solution detects any imbalances in the frequency spectrum, ensuring a dynamic range that’s both precise and impactful.

Izotope Visual Mixer

The intelligent algorithms analyze your mix and provide corrective measures to achieve optimal tonal balance. One of the key features that contributes to the balanced mix is EQ masking. By identifying conflicts between different tracks in the mix, Neutron 4 helps you address these issues and create a clean sound. The powerful EQ capabilities allow for precise control over the music’s tonal balance, enabling you to shape each element with precision.

In addition to balancing the mix, Neutron 4 also offers a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing it. With its advanced features, you can visualize and adjust individual track levels and panning using the Visual Mixer interface. This intuitive interface provides complete freedom to make adjustments according to your preferences.

With Izotope Neutron 4, achieving a well-balanced mix with a wide dynamic range has never been easier. Its intelligent algorithms detect imbalances in real-time, while its comprehensive set of tools allows for precise control over tonal balance and dynamics. Whether you’re an experienced producer or just starting out, Neutron 4 provides the necessary tools to elevate your mixes to new heights of professionalism.

Shape Sound with EQ and Compression

Unleash your sonic wizardry as you mold and sculpt the very fabric of sound with the unparalleled mastery of EQ and compression. With Izotope Neutron 4, you’ve got access to advanced EQ techniques and creative compression applications that’ll elevate your mixes to new heights.

Here are some ways Neutron 4 empowers you in shaping the sound:

  • Advanced EQ Techniques: Neutron 4 offers a wide range of EQ options, allowing precise control over the tonal balance of your tracks. You can shape individual frequencies using parametric or graphic EQs, or use dynamic EQ to target specific problem areas in your mix.
  • Creative Compression Applications: Neutron 4’s powerful compression capabilities give you the ability to add character and punch to your tracks. Whether it’s gentle leveling or aggressive pumping, Neutron 4 provides a variety of compressor types and settings to suit any musical style.

Enhancing Dynamics with Neutron 4: Achieving a balanced and dynamic mix is crucial for professional sound. Neutron 4 helps you achieve this by providing tools like multi-band compression and transient shaping, allowing you to control the dynamics of individual elements within your mix.

With its advanced EQ techniques, creative compression applications, ability to enhance dynamics, mastering capabilities, and overall versatility, Izotope Neutron 4 is truly a powerhouse tool for shaping your sound and achieving professional results. Let Neutron 4 be your trusted companion in the quest for sonic perfection.

Time-Saving Functionalities

By harnessing the intelligent algorithms and innovative features of Neutron 4, you can efficiently optimize your workflow and save valuable time in the mixing process.

One of the standout time-saving functionalities that Neutron 4 offers is the Track Assistant. This powerful tool automatically analyzes incoming audio and suggests optimal settings for EQ, compression, and other parameters. It takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to achieve a professional mix quickly. Still this is just custom-made presets made specially for your mix, its a great starting point for sure.

Another invaluable feature is the Visual Mixer interface. With its intuitive design, this interface provides a visual representation of your tracks, allowing you to easily adjust their levels and panning. Gone are the days of tediously tweaking individual faders – now you can simply drag and drop to create the perfect balance in your mix. I like the concept of this, but still I tend to grab my mixer faders or the faders of my DAW :-)

Neutron 4 also includes EQ Masking, which addresses conflicts between different tracks in your mix. By identifying overlapping frequencies, it helps you make informed decisions on how to carve out space for each element, resulting in a clean and balanced sound.

The intelligent control center within Neutron 4 enhances your workflow by providing fast and personalized results. It streamlines the mixing process by analyzing your audio and suggesting specific adjustments based on its analysis. This saves you time from trial-and-error experimentation and allows you to focus on creative decision-making.

With these time-saving functionalities at your disposal, Neutron 4 empowers you with freedom as a producer. You can spend less time on technicalities and more time bringing your artistic vision to life.

Versatility for Electronic Music Producers

  • Enhancing stereo imaging: Neutron 4 offers a range of features that allow producers to enhance the stereo imaging of their tracks. The Visual Mixer provides an intuitive interface for adjusting levels and panning visually, making it easy to create wide and immersive soundscapes. Additionally, the powerful EQ and compression options in Neutron 4 can be used to shape the tonal balance and dynamics of individual tracks, further enhancing the stereo image.
  • Creative sound sculpting: With Neutron 4, producers have the freedom to creatively sculpt their sounds. The plugin’s advanced EQ capabilities enable precise control over frequency content, allowing users to shape the tonal character of synths, drums, vocals, and more. Furthermore, the Exciter Module with Trash Mode adds harmonics and saturation for adding warmth and character to sounds.
  • Mixing vocals with precision: Neutron 4 provides producers with precise control over vocal mixing. The intelligent algorithms in Neutron 4 can detect imbalances in vocal recordings and suggest optimal settings for EQ, compression, and other parameters using the Track Assistant feature. This ensures that vocals sit well in the mix while maintaining clarity and presence.
  • Optimizing low end frequencies: Achieving a tight and controlled low end is crucial in electronic music production. With its advanced analysis tools and powerful EQ capabilities, Neutron 4 allows producers to optimize low end frequencies for punchy kicks and basslines. The Compressor Module with Punch Mode further enhances low-end impact by controlling dynamic range.
  • Mastering with Neutron 4: In addition to its mixing capabilities, Neutron 4 also offers powerful mastering tools. Its intelligent algorithms help analyze mixes using Tonal Balance Control 2 plug-in, which suggests adjustments needed for optimal mastering. With Neutron 4, producers can achieve a polished and professional sound for their final masters.

Neutron 4 provides electronic music producers with the versatility they need to enhance stereo imaging, creatively sculpt sounds, mix vocals with precision, optimize low end frequencies, and master tracks to perfection. Its innovative features and comprehensive capabilities make it an essential tool for achieving professional and impactful mixes. Having Neutron as your tool of choice is all you would need for a while.

Neutron 4 Elements – The little brother

Neutron 4 can be a little price heavy for some, and maybe they don’t need all the bells and whistles.
So take a look at Neutron Elements, which is the little brother to Neutron 4. Featuring four audio modules: Compressor, EQ, Exciter, and Transient Shaper. These modules can not be used separately. No Mix Assistent feature, no Unmask feature, No Tonal Balance Control plugin and no Integration with the new Audiolens reference Application.

Overview of modules available in each of the channel-strip plugins:

Neutron 4 Elements:

  • Compressor module
  • EQ module
  • Exciter module
  • Transient Shaper module
  • Track Assistant

Neutron 4:

  • Compressor module
  • EQ module
  • Exciter module
  • Transient Shaper module
  • Sculptor module
  • Mix Assistant feature
  • Unmask feature
  • Tonal Balance Control plugin
  • Custom Referencing Integration with Audiolens Application
  • Assistant (Improved) Target Library with Custom referencing
  • Assistant View
  • Auto-detect instruments
  • Tonal Balance Target Metering
  • Tone, Punch, Distort, and Width Intent Controls
  • M1 Apple silicon native support
  • Trash Mode (In Exciter Module)
  • Punch Mode (in Compressor Module)


Neutron 4 is a powerful and advanced mixing tool that can be easily integrated into any existing workflow. It is compatible with popular DAWs, so producers can take advantage of its unique features regardless of the software they are using.

Are you an aspiring music producer or sound engineer looking to expand your mixing techniques across different genres? If so, Neutron 4 could be the perfect tool for you! This powerful mixing tool is not limited to just electronic music and can be used to mix many different genres.

Whether you’re working on rock, hip-hop, or pop, Neutron 4’s advanced EQ and compression options allow you to achieve precise control over the tonal balance and dynamics of your mix.

Overall, Neutron 4 is an incredibly versatile mixing tool with many powerful features that can help you achieve the perfect mix for any genre.

The power of Neutron 4 really shines when users take advantage of its comprehensive tutorials and resources. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions and practical examples to guide users through the process of using Neutron 4 effectively. Through these tutorials, users can learn how to use EQ, compression, and track balancing to create the perfect mix.
Take a look at their, Getting started page here.
URL: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/neutron/getting-started.html

Furthermore, Neutron 4 offers extensive user support resources. These include documentation, forums, and customer support channels, ensuring that users have access to all the information they need to fully leverage the capabilities of Neutron 4.

The plugin is compatible with a range of operating systems, including macOS Catalina (10.15.7) up to macOS Ventura (13.2) and Windows 10 and 11. It can be purchased as a standalone plugin or as part of a bundle that includes additional plugins. It is also compatible with other DAWs, allowing for seamless integration into your preferred software workflow.

Great overall Mixing tool

Izotope Neutron 4 is an all-in-one mixing tool that offers professional sound mixing capabilities for electronic music producers. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Neutron 4 is the perfect choice for any producer looking to get the most out of their mix.

Neutron 4’s intelligent algorithms analyze and balance your mix with precision, giving you a sound that’s balanced and professional. The powerful EQ and compression options will give you the ability to shape your sound to perfection. Plus, the time-saving functionalities such as Track Assistant and Visual Mixer make the mixing process incredibly efficient.

The versatility of Neutron 4 extends beyond just tonal character shaping and stereo field control. It also offers a wide range of options for controlling dynamic range, saturation, and image panning. With these features, you can easily achieve a high-quality mix.

Overall, Neutron 4 is an excellent all-in-one mixing tool for electronic music producers. It’s easy to use, and the intelligent algorithms will help you get the most out of your mix. With its powerful EQ and compression capabilities, you can shape your sound in any way you want. And the time-saving features will make the mixing process a breeze. If you’re looking for an all-in-one mixing tool, Neutron 4 is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this genius tool that will take your mixes to the next level!

My go to tool for a long while
Purchase here, using my affiliate link and support the site.Izotope.com

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