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ANIMATE by mastering the mix

Mastering The Mix – Plugins for mixing and mastering

Mastering the Mix by Tom Frampton has over the last couple off years released some quite useful mixing and mastering plugins which I will dive into in this post. I myself have a ton of plugins which off many I seldom use or even never have used. The plugins from Mastering the mix I often use as they are simple to use and does there job as intended. I like simple to the point plugins:-) Tom has a lot of good information on his Website and on his Youtube channel .
Where you can find some good videos showing how he uses his software for producing, mixing and mastering. 
He has also created a couple of books and an Audiobook about music production. 
You can try the plugins for free for a limited time.
Of course always use your ears, but these are great tools to get you going quickly.

LEVELS is a metering plugin that in my case are running on the monitoring bus of Reaper. It gives you a quick visual view of possibly issues in your mix or your master. In its simple interface you get info about LUFS, Dynamic Range, Bass, Stereo field and Peaks. You can monitor mono, left and right.

If everything is green and you have chosen the right preset for your  current project, you should be good to go. You can always dive into the different settings and have a more detailed look in where the issue might be.

BASSROOM is as the name applies focused on the bass frequencies of the track. Its made for the final Mix and Mastering. It contains of five frequency bands, which you can move around in the mix. BASSROOM has a lot of presets which you can use as reference or you can import your own refrence tracks. It really helps cleaning up the low end and remove mud from the track. 

Expose is an offline desktop software that analyses your track quickly and give you visual feedback about Loudness, Peak, Stereo Field and Dynamic Range. You can import several tracks and switch between them to here different mixes and masters. As for LEVELS, EXPOSE is also simple to use. Drop audio tracks into the program and let it analyze it and show you the possible issues in red. 

Mixing and mastering plugin. Which lets you once again in a simple interface compare reference tracks with your master or mix. You can have as much as 20 reference tracks and switch between them quickly. Also the tracks can be synced to each other and have accurate loudness match applied, so you dont fool your ears into believing that louder is better:-*)
You can create loops  to compare various sections of the track  and also visually see the tonal balance and stereo width of selected bands.


ANIMATE is a Multi-purpose mixing plugin. Its the only one of the plugins I havnt used yet. But I am pretty sure it delivers what it promisses. The interface looks great. ANIMATE should deliver upward expansion, Transient control, Stereo width control and also feature filter, mid/side control. It also seems to be available as individuel plugins for Expand, Ignite, Punch and Grow.

The links to buy are my affiliate links, where you pay normal price and I get a small commision. Note! that I only promote software I like and find useful myself.

Format : VST2, VST3, 32Bit, 64Bit, Mac, Windows, Standalone

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