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Loop Engine – Midi Loop Generator Enhanced

Updated: 21. August 2023

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Struggling to come up with fresh ideas for your tracks?  Loop Engine might just be the midi composing tool to help you out. With its enhanced features and user-friendly interface, this composition tool is a great option to help you come up with ideas.

The comprehensive preset manager lets you easily organize and save presets, while the infinite loop generator sparks endless creativity. Toggle tooltips provide helpful guidance along the way.

I have been setting up a test run using Cockos Reaper and Spectrasonics Omnisphere in multi out, and out of the box its easy to set up and use.

Get ready to revolutionize your music production process with the updated 1.1 Loop Engine.

Loop Engine notes interface

Key Takeaways

  • Loop Engine is a high-rated music theory tool developed by W.A. Production.
  • It includes an infinite loop generator and a comprehensive preset manager for easy organization and saving.
  • Loop Engine offers advanced features such as octave and velocity adjustment, arpeggio copying, random loop generation, and chord customization.
  • It allows for multi-track manipulation, precise control over chord shapes, and MIDI routing to multiple tracks in a DAW.

Improved Loop Generation Algorithm

Loop Engine is a powerful tool that enhances your musical creativity and provides endless loop inspiration. With its improved loop generation algorithm, it allows you to easily come up with new ideas for tracks and design complex progressions. Loop Engine also offers the ability to explore different chord inversions, adjust octaves and velocities, and apply tensions and extensions to create customized chord shapes. Additionally, the random loop feature adds an element of unpredictability, ensuring that you never run out of inspiration for your tracks.

Enhanced Musical Creativity

With Loop Engine , you can easily come up with new ideas for tracks and design complex progressions with tension notes. This innovative composition tool allows you to explore new musical possibilities by pushing the boundaries of creativity and unlocking hidden musical potential.

Elevate the art of music production with Loop Engine’s enhanced features, including an infinite loop generator and a comprehensive preset manager for easy organization of presets. Take advantage of the advanced mode to create complex progressions with tension notes, and adjust octave and velocity for each chord effortlessly.

The random loop feature provides endless inspiration, while the loop view offers global controls for adjusting chord inversions, length, speed, and key. With Loop Engine 1.1, you have the power to elevate your compositions to new heights.

  • Easily come up with new ideas
  • Design complex progressions with tension notes
  • Unlock hidden musical potential
  • Push the boundaries of creativity

Endless Loop Inspiration

With Loop Engine, you can tap into a never-ending creative flow, allowing your ideas to flourish and evolve effortlessly. The boundless loop inspiration offered by this plugin will take your music to new heights, enabling you to create captivating melodies and rhythms that captivate listeners.

Loop Engine creates unique loops that expand the possibilities of your compositions, allowing you to freely explore a variety of musical styles. 

Enhanced MIDI Editing Features

When it comes to advanced MIDI editing capabilities, Loop Engine 1.1 has you covered.

With its comprehensive preset manager and tooltips for guidance, you can easily navigate through the complex world of MIDI editing.

The automation capability allows for precise control over parameters such as octave, key, and voice mute/unmute, giving you complete creative freedom in shaping your tracks.

Advanced MIDI Editing Capabilities

The piano roll view in Loop Engine 1.1 provides precise control over chord shapes and individual inversions. This feature allows you to manipulate chords with advanced techniques to create unique and complex progressions.

Here are four key capabilities of the piano roll view:

  • Advanced chord manipulation: Easily edit and modify chords to suit your musical vision.
  • Interactive chord progression design: Design intricate chord progressions by adding, deleting, or rearranging chords effortlessly.
  • Customizable tension and extension options: Add tension notes and extensions to your chords for a personalized sound.
  • Streamlined melody creation: Create melodies that seamlessly integrate with your chord progression using the intuitive interface.

Furthermore, Loop Engine offers dynamic arpeggio generation. This feature allows you to generate arpeggios that dynamically adapt to the selected chords. With this powerful tool, you can craft intricate and captivating musical compositions with ease.

Advanced Automation Capabilities

You can easily automate controls such as octave, key, and voice mute/unmute in Loop Engine 1.1. With its advanced automation capabilities, you have the power to create real-time automation for a more dynamic and expressive musical experience.

MIDI expression control allows you to manipulate various parameters in your loops with precision and finesse. The customizable MIDI mapping feature gives you the flexibility to assign MIDI controllers to specific functions, enhancing your workflow and creative possibilities.

Dynamic MIDI modulation enables you to add movement and variation to your loops by modulating different parameters over time. Additionally, Loop Engine 1.1 offers tempo-synced MIDI effects that synchronize perfectly with your project’s tempo, adding depth and complexity to your compositions.

Whether you’re looking for subtle nuances or bold transformations, Loop Engine 1.1 provides the tools you need to bring your musical ideas to life through automated controls that enhance the overall expressiveness of your tracks.

Expanded Preset Manager Functionality

With its updated version, Loop Engine 1.1 now offers an expanded preset manager for easy organization and saving of presets. This new feature enhances the user experience by providing a streamlined organization system that improves workflow and increases customization options.

Let’s explore how this functionality expands the creative possibilities within Loop Engine:

  • Streamlined Organization: The expanded preset manager allows you to effortlessly categorize and store your presets, making it easier to locate and access them whenever needed.
  • Improved Workflow: With the ability to save and recall presets quickly, you can focus more on creating music rather than searching for specific settings. This saves valuable time during production sessions.
  • Increased Customization Options: The preset manager enables you to customize your own unique library of presets, giving you greater control over the sound and style of your tracks.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive interface of the preset manager ensures a smooth user experience by providing clear navigation and efficient management of your saved settings.

By incorporating this expanded preset manager into Loop Engine 1.1, W.A Production has elevated the software’s capabilities, allowing users to explore new musical ideas with ease while maintaining a high level of organization.

No matter your level of experience, this update guarantees to enrich your creative process and offer limitless opportunities for musical expression.

Multi-Genre Compatibility and Integration

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the expanded preset manager functionality in Loop Engine, let’s explore its multi-genre compatibility and integration features.

Loop Engine is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular DAWs, ensuring a smooth workflow for producers across different platforms. Whether you prefer Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cockos Reaper, Logic Pro X, or any other industry-standard software, Loop Engine 1.1 has got you covered.

Furthermore, this powerful tool is compatible with a wide range of musical genres. Whether you’re working on EDM tracks, hip-hop beats, pop songs, or even experimental compositions, Loop Engine can adapt to your creative needs.

To provide precise control over your MIDI loops and arrangements, Loop Engine 1.1 offers advanced MIDI editing tools. You can easily fine-tune every aspect of your MIDI data – from note velocities to pitch bends – ensuring that each element fits perfectly into your mix.

For enhanced performance and expression during live performances or studio sessions, Loop Engine  also integrates seamlessly with external MIDI controllers. This means that you can take full advantage of the plugin’s features using your favorite hardware devices.

In addition to its editing capabilities, Loop Engine allows for complex arrangements by enabling MIDI routing to multiple instruments within your DAW environment. This feature empowers you to create intricate and layered compositions without any limitations. 
I have just experimented setting it up using Cockos Reaper and Spectrasonics Omnisphere in multi out.
Might drop a video about my experience.

With its seamless integration capabilities with popular DAWs and compatibility across various musical genres, as well as its advanced MIDI editing tools and support for routing to multiple instruments and external controllers, Loop Engine is an exceptional tool for music production professionals seeking precise control and flexibility.


Yes, Loop Engine can be used with any DAW. It integrates seamlessly with popular music production software, enhancing your workflow. You have customization options for loop creation and collaborative features for multiple users in a DAW.

Loop Engine is a comprehensive MIDI loop generator that simplifies music production by providing endless creative possibilities. Compared to the Chords Pro + Notes plugin, Loop Engine takes your music production to the next level with its advanced features and capabilities.

Yes, Loop Engine can generate melodies and arpeggios. With its harmonic and rhythmic loop generation capabilities, you have endless creative possibilities. It also offers customization options and seamless integration with virtual instruments for enhanced music production.

Yes, Loop Engine supports MIDI routing to multiple tracks. It is compatible with various digital audio workstations. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with the Chords plugin and the Notes plugin for enhanced chord generation and note editing capabilities.

Loop Engine is versatile and can be used in various music genres, not just EDM. Explore its creative possibilities by adjusting octave and velocity for each chord, copying arpeggios between chords, and using the random loop feature for endless inspiration.

My Conclusion

The new updated 1.1 version of Loop Engine,  is a powerful and promising music theory tool developed by W.A. Production.
I will have to dive deeper into this promising plugin to find out if its worth using in the long run.
I don´t think their intro videos show the potential of the plugin.
I like the different approach to User Interface and also that the interface is fully scaleable to fit your screen estate.
With its comprehensive preset manager, infinite loop generator, and toggleable tooltips, it offers an intuitive and efficient workflow for users.
The advanced features such as complex progression design with tension notes, octave and velocity adjustment, arpeggio copying and pasting between chords, random loop generation, and global controls make Loop Engine 1.1 a valuable asset for musicians seeking to create unique tracks across various genres.
Its multi-track manipulation capabilities, advanced routing options, precise control over chord shapes and inversions through the piano roll view further enhance its versatility.
In comparison to other plugins like Chords, Chords Pro, and Chords Pro + Notes, Loop Engine stands out with its extensive functionality and user-friendly interface.
Overall, Loop Engine 1.1 is a great option for music producers looking to elevate their creative process and unlock new possibilities in music production.

Fresh interface and easy to use
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