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Hyped Unify by PluginGuru

Skippy Who Unify what??

I have been a fan of Skippy´s ( John Lemkuhls) different libraries for a very long time. Purchased almost all of his Omnisphere libraries and of course also had the pleasure to play on my Korg synths using his patches in the days:-).

A new kinda audio software?

When John announced an upcoming audio software release 2019 a lot, including me were very hyped. John has created a great Youtube community. As he has a very personal and lively approach to his work and really enjoys showing his workflow to others. This could only be good, also his approach is good marketing, he create hype as he is also himself hyped:-)

So why Unify?

I bought Unify as soon as it was released and still haven’t found out what it is all about or how it really improves my workflow? Does it? Currently, it is in Version 1.0.12 but I know John and his software programmer has a lot coming for the future. There is planned a PRO release in 12 months or so. To me, it seems like a means for John to use his own platform to release his libraries the way he wants and also to create these libraries the way he wants. You could create the same using Ableton Lives instrument racks, but Live is not very good at utilizing your CPU power 🙁 Also I could create the same using Cockos Reaper which is very good at running plugins and also gives you even more control of the different layers. But using Unify is a lot easier if you just want to get going and create some great patches.
Unify could easily become my go-to tool for creating some new patches utilizing my large pallet of softsynths
You can always transfer these to your Daw afterward if you need to.

The software

So this is Unify. It can be run as a plugin or as a standalone.
It has a quite simple interface hiding some nifty features under the hood.
It’s shipped with a large library of patches using the free synths and effects which is also included. You get 2.5 Gb and 425 patches to start jamming. So you really don’t need anything more?
It has a selection of midi effects and as always it’s updated with new features every time it’s updated.
You can create your own patches from the supplied once or create your own using your own plugins.

Using your own Plugins

One of the great features of Unify is that option to use the plugins you already own and mix the different plugins/patches easily within the simple Unify interface. You can create mega layers, splits etc. using whatever you want like Native Instruments Kontakt, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, UVI Falcon and also FX plugins of your choice.

Optimized plugin

Unify plugin is one of a kind as its engine is optimized to use all of the cpu´s power to create mega layers without breaking your DAW. Basically this means when using Unify you can run more of the heavier plugins in your DAW than usual.

Some of my patches

Unify Introducing by “Skippy” hilmself

Format : VST2, VST3, 64Bit, Mac, Windows, Standalone

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