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OmniTag For Omnisphere

How to handle Omnisphere Library using OmniTag

Handling the giant patch library

One of the many great features of Omnisphere is the large and ever-growing library of third party patch libraries. To handle this Omnisphere has a quite extensive patch browser, but even this can become somewhat cluttered over time as some 3 party libraries uses their own tag/category convention, which creates a lot of similar categories. One of the benefits of the built-in patch browser is the speed which you can find an useable patch for a project.

The Solution

To solved this issue and speed up the process of finding useable patches, Guy Rowland came up with the idea for OmniTag and had Marcus Lawson develop this tool, which automatically scans all your libraries and puts them in the categories originally created for Omnisphere by Spectrasonics. This gives you an optimized and cleaner patch browser in Omnisphere.
I have a large collection of 80 libraries including a few of my own libraries. So there are a large number of patches for sure.

How does it work?

When you open the program it quickly scans your STEAM directory for patches. It then shows how many patches conform to the standard Omnisphere category settings. You then have the option to Conform selected library, conform all, conform preview, view conform logs, restore a backup(as OmniTag always creates a backup before it is doing its job). Depending on the amount of patches/libraries it can take a while. I have 80 libraries and it took about 10 minutes max. to scan them all and only one patch from pluginguru it was unable to conform and therefor it was marked as uncategorized.
All in all this is nice useful program if you have a ton of patches collected over time as me:-) Its available for Windows now and later for Mac.

Bonus Library

With OmniTag you also receive a bonus library created by Guy Rowland.
65 new patches.

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Format : Mac, Windows, Standalone

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