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How to easily Mix using virtual Auratone Mono settings.

There is a large amount of great tricks to create an awesome sounding mix.
One of the free and easy ones is to mix in mono.
If you can create a good sounding mix in mono you should also be able to get an awesome mix in stereo!
So using the mono option on the master while doing the initial levelling of the mix should be the way to go.

Virtual mono Auratone

To extend this we can be a little creative and try to mix using a virtual Auratone monitor.
Alot of mixers use their prefered headphones for mixing and not everybody has an Auratone monitor at hand.

Auratone C5 Single

Auratone is used in a lot of pro studios, even if it doesnt have the best sound quality. In fact its mostly midrange. But using these monitors will really help mixing translations mistakes as they really sound like small speakers would do in a real setup or with this trick sound how they would on a mobilphone.

Neutron on iphone

Setting up The EQ

So to do this. Grab hold of an EQ plugin put it on the master or in my case the Monitor option of Reaper.

Set a high-pass filter to 18 dB pr. octave at 170Hz.
Set a low-pass filter to 18 dB pr. octave at 5 kHz.

As I am using Cockos Reaper I have created a default setup using Izotope Neutron Equalizer and also have created a keybound to toggle this while I am mixing.
Give it a try using your prefered EQ and see if it helps your headphone or small monitor mixes translate to bigger systems and mobil devices etc.

auratone in neutron

Offcourse I still listen to my mixes on various devices and my studio monitors. But this trick can really speed up the mixing proces alot.

“Thanks to Mastering the mix for this trick”

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