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Heavyocity 2 Trailer Rescore Competition – Win huge Prizes

Updated: 16. February 2024

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Are you into Trailer Music composition, this one might be for you.
Welcome to Heavyocity! We are excited to announce our all-new rescore competition, centered around the subject of Gravity 2.
This virtual instrument is a true sonic beast, packed with tonal rhythmic pedals, insane transitions, super unique textures, massive impacts, and more. The trailer for the launch of Gravity 2 perfectly captures the modern and intriguing sound of the collection, and now we want to see what you can do with it.
Heavyocity 2 Trailer Rescore Competition

The Grand Prize winner of this competition will receive the Heavyocity Premier Bundle, valued at over $8,500. This bundle includes every product we have to offer. Additionally, three runners-up will receive a free copy of Gravity 2. So, here’s the assignment for the competition: we challenge you to create a distinct sound pneumonic or Motif to start the track, using any sound source or instrument you desire. Gravity 2 is not required, but feel free to use it if you have it. Throughout the trailer, your chosen mnemonic should repeat and evolve, leading to the climax and landing perfectly on the Gravity 2 logo reveal.

We encourage you to let your creativity shine and create a unique sonic identity for the trailer. To participate, simply visit heavyocity.com/gravity2rescore to download the video-only version of the trailer.

Score it in your own style and submit your version by March 8th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time – that’s three weeks from today. Once your version is complete, post it to YouTube and use the hashtag #heavyocitygravity2rescore.

To make your submission official, send us an email at gravity2rescore@heavyocity.com, including a link to your video.

Our previous competitions have yielded phenomenal results, showcasing the incredible talent of our participants. We cannot wait to see what you all bring to the table this time. So, let’s get to it, get creative, and most importantly, have fun! Good luck!

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