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Gullfoss, Intensity and Drawmer S73 – 3 awesome plugins

There are a ton of plugins available and millions of emulations of old hardware consols and tapemachines. There is very far between the really innovative and usefull. Jeg came across these 3 different approaches  to achieve something new and refreshing.  These plugins quickly helps you in getting a good sounding track, with a simple interface which makes it a breeeze to use.

Zynaptiq Intensity

Zynaptiq Intensity
As always Zynaptiq has a different approach to sounddeign/manipulation and not least interface or GUi design.  Its a dynamic processor based on some special algorithms. A futuristic interface, but still simpel and easy to setup and use. This makes it quick to get a good sounding track or project from the get go.
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Dramer S73
Drawmer S73

Drawmer S73 from Softube is in this case an emulation and enhanced version of and old hardware unit. Drawmer is a multiband compressor based on really usefull presets, which does something complicated easy.

SoundTheory Gullfoss
SoundTheory Gullfoss

Gullfoss is an intelligent Eq, bases on a technic/algorithme which take into consideration how humans really hear music and sound.aseret på en teknik der tager i betragtning hvordan vi mennesker opfatter lyd/musik. With its simple interface it gives  some great possibilites in dialing in the right sound and since its static like mosy standard Eq´s, but dynamic its always adapting its processing to the played track or project.Med dens simple interface giver den stor mulighed for at justere lyden og da den ikke er statisk som de fleste andre eq´s, tilpasser den sig hele tiden det input den får baseret på ens indstillinger. Really gives a great sound on your mix, quick and easy.

In the video I show you how these plugins work and how the each has impact on the sound, using a simple and very useable interface.

Format : VST2, VST3, 64Bit, Mac, Windows

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