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Genesis Pro Hyped Hybrid Softsynth

Exciting new Hybrid soft synth by DJ/producer Ummet Ozcan.
Been in the works for the last 8 years and should be released 22 of March 2020, at a very reasonably price which is revealed at the end of the video:-)

The features seem to be quite extensive and very creative and futuristic implemented into the simple interface, which according to Ummet himself, holds a lot of features for those wanting to dive into it.

Genesis Pro is the child of Ummet Ozcan and made entirely based on his ideas of a very user friendly, versatile and of course good sounding too.
As it is a Hybrid synth it has FM Synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis, Phase Distortion, Rom Synthesis and MultiWave.

It has 3 powerful oscillators which can be used independently or simultaneously. Each oscillator has its own set of filters, FX, Envelopes and more.
You can use the Morph slider to morph between the oscillators.
Its has 8 filter types ranging from Serial Duo filter to Analog Mod.
Saturation mode gives the sound some great edge.

Genesis Pro Filters 2


Also a large array of built in effects gives the sounds their finishing touch.
It has Distortion, Amp simulator,Bit Reducer, Hyper Filter, reverb, Delay and a lot more.

Genesis Pro Fx Menu


In Genesis Pro you can modulate any knob that is visible in the user interface. You get a large amount of Modulation Sources. Using the Matrix feature, you can connect everything the way you want.

Genesis Pro Modulation close up

Master section

Gives you options like Stereo Widening, Limiters, filters, panning. But you also get access to another oscillator layer with even more effect possibilities and the option to layer more organic sounds like rain, thunder ex.

Genesis Pro Master

The Alpha Knob

Control all assigned knob in Genesis Pro using One knob, The Alpha Knob.

Step Sequencer, arp and External midi sequencing

Chord Mode

Intelligent Chord mode also lets you stack notes on top of the already create chord.

X-Gen Tone Generator
A head start to create new patches using Genesis built n tone generator algorithm.

Hotkeys which you can assign various actions:

Dynamic Link
Connect any midi or audio input to modulate Genesis Pro.

The Looks
Picasso mode lets you style the GUI to your liking.

It is going to be exciting to see how it performs. But it really seems like a well thought plugin.
Only one thing strikes me seeing the video. The small GUI, which doesn’t seem to be resizeable.
But at a prize tag, that not even AIR can beat. It can’t be all bad.:-)
I am personally looking forward to something completely new, as it’s been a while since any software developer has come up with anything fresh for a long time.

Ummet Ozcan: https://www.ummetozcan.com/

Genesis Pro Front

Format : VST2, VST3, 64Bit, Mac, Windows

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