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Fiedler Audio’s Dolby Atmos Mastering Console offers you unmatched precision for immersive audio projects. It provides meticulous control over 128 Dolby Atmos channels with dual monitoring outputs for seamless system toggling. You’ll find intuitive routing settings, including custom and default presets, and detailed parameter tuning for volume, delay, and EQ adjustments. Importing ADM/BWF files is streamlined, featuring metadata editing and a built-in mastering compressor. The console guarantees accurate audio device setup, aligning sample rates, channel mapping, and speaker calibration. For mastering engineers seeking optimized workflow, the extensive features promise to elevate your soundscapes and techniques await ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Supports ADM and BWF file formats with metadata editing for comprehensive Dolby Atmos mastering.
  • Provides thorough monitoring controls, including volume, mute, and dim playback for precise audio adjustments.
  • Features dual monitoring outputs for easy switching between speaker systems and headphones.
  • Includes built-in loudness adjustment tool to meet distributor standards.
  • Offers versatile and customizable routing settings with default and custom presets for tailored audio setups.
  • Can be extended with mastering plugins, like their newly released gravitas MDS compressor.

Key Features

When fine-tuning your Dolby Atmos mixes, the Fiedler Audio – Dolby Atmos Mastering Console offers several key features to guarantee top-notch results. You’ll find thorough monitoring controls that allow you to adjust volume, mute, and dim playback for both bed channels and dynamic objects. This flexibility guarantees that your monitoring environment is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Selecting the appropriate audio device is straightforward. The console supports various sample rates and buffer sizes, ensuring compatibility with your chosen ADM/BWF file. If discrepancies arise, the error notification prompts you to adjust the sample rate before proceeding, ensuring seamless integration.

Routing settings are intuitive and customizable. Default presets, such as those for headphones or specific speaker setups, simplify initial configurations. However, you can also create and save your own presets, preserving your preferred routing configurations.

Fine-tuning parameters further enhance your mastering precision. You can set volume, delay, and EQ for each channel individually. The tuning section includes a signal generator, offering test signals like pink noise, sine waves, and transient thumps. This feature aids in accurate speaker calibration, ensuring your mix translates well across different playback systems.

The Mastering Console’s versatility and precision make it an indispensable tool for any Dolby Atmos engineer.

Importing ADM/BWF Files

To get started with mastering, you’ll first need to import your ADM/BWF files into the Fiedler Audio – Dolby Atmos Mastering Console. Begin by selecting the appropriate file formats. The console supports ADM and BWF formats, guaranteeing compatibility with your existing projects.

Once imported, you can explore metadata editing, where you can adjust Binaural Mode, Description, and Group for each Atmos channel, tailoring the metadata to match your project’s requirements.

Next, engage in signal processing. Utilize the built-in mastering compressor, gravitas MDS, to refine your Dolby Atmos mix with industry-standard precision. Adjust parameters to shape the dynamics and tonal balance, optimizing each channel for the final output. (This plugin has to be purchased separately).

Loudness adjustment is critical for meeting distributor standards. The console offers a simple yet powerful tool to measure and adjust the loudness of your entire mix. With a single knob, you can ensure your mix meets the required loudness levels, avoiding potential rejections from distributors.

Monitoring Capabilities

Discover the robust monitoring capabilities of the Fiedler Audio – Dolby Atmos Mastering Console, where you can meticulously control and assess each of the 128 possible Dolby Atmos channels. With dual monitoring outputs, you can toggle between speaker systems and headphone monitoring seamlessly, guaranteeing every detail is captured.

Channel routing is intuitive and highly customizable. You can assign any of the 128 channels to specific outputs, facilitating complex setups, such as 9.1.6 configurations. Presets streamline this process, but you can also create tailored routing profiles to suit your needs.

For precision calibration, the console includes detailed tuning parameters. Adjust volume, delay, and EQ for each speaker channel to ensure excellent playback. This section is crucial for fine-tuning the listening environment, guaranteeing your mix translates perfectly across different systems.

A built-in signal generator offers a variety of test signals, including pink noise, sine waves, and transients. These are essential for speaker calibration and room tuning, allowing you to generate impulse responses for detailed frequency analysis. The ability to reset or copy EQ settings between channels further enhances workflow efficiency.

This meticulous control over monitoring ensures that your Dolby Atmos mixes achieve the highest fidelity and spatial accuracy.

Audio Device Setup

How do you guarantee your audio device setup is optimized for mastering Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF files with the Fiedler Audio Mastering Console?

First, make sure your audio devices are correctly configured. Set the sample rate to match your ADM/BWF files; choose 96 kHz with a 128-sample buffer or 48 kHz with a 512-sample buffer. Mismatched sample rates will trigger errors, requiring adjustments before proceeding with your mastering tasks.

Next, configure channel routing to ensure each Dolby Atmos channel is accurately mapped. Use preset configurations or create your own to ensure the routing aligns with your monitoring setup. This flexibility allows you to adapt to various speaker layouts, ensuring every channel is precisely directed to the correct output.

Speaker Calibration

After optimizing your audio device setup, you should focus on speaker calibration to guarantee each channel’s output is accurate and consistent.

Effective calibration techniques secure top-notch playback quality and immersive experiences. Here’s a structured approach:

  1. Speaker positioning: Proper speaker placement is essential. Align each speaker according to Dolby Atmos guidelines, ensuring they’re angled and distanced correctly relative to the listening area to optimize room acoustics.

  2. Volume balancing: Adjust the output levels of each speaker so that all channels have an even volume. This ensures a balanced sound field, essential for precise audio reproduction.

  3. EQ adjustments: Use the EQ settings to fine-tune each channel’s frequency response. This step compensates for room acoustics anomalies and ensures each speaker delivers a flat frequency response, critical for maintaining audio fidelity.

  4. Delay settings: Set delay times for each speaker to account for distance discrepancies. This ensures sound from all speakers reaches the listener simultaneously, enhancing the spatial accuracy of your Dolby Atmos mix.


Yes, you can run the mastering console on both Windows and macOS. The system requirements are robust, the user interface is intuitive, the installation process is seamless, and licensing options guarantee peak operating speed across platforms.

You can’t integrate third-party plugins directly within the console. Plugin compatibility is limited to built-in tools. However, you can use external plugins in your DAW before importing files, needing third-party licenses for installation.

Another splendid release for Dolby Atmos creators

With the Fiedler Audio Dolby Atmos Mastering Console, you’re equipped to deliver exceptional audio quality. Import your ADM/BWF files effortlessly, fine-tune with advanced monitoring capabilities, and guarantee precise audio device setup.

The sophisticated mastering compressor and speaker calibration tools ensure your mixes meet industry standards. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your Dolby Atmos mastering game with unmatched technical precision and flexibility.

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