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Updated: 12. December 2023

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Are you tired of spending hours fixing harsh sibilant sounds in your audio recordings? Sonible might just have the perfect solution for you. Introducing the smart:deess Content-Aware De-Esser plugin. This groundbreaking tool analyzes your signal to effectively balance and eliminate those pesky sibilants and plosives. It creates a ‘voiceprint’ of the input voice signal, allowing for precise analysis and result refinement. Powered by advanced AI, it identifies specific phonemes in real time, ensuring a natural and balanced result. Say goodbye to dull sibilants with Sonible’s smart:deess.

Key Takeaways

  • Sonible’s smart:deess analyzes speech patterns for enhanced vocal clarity
  • The tool utilizes AI technology for real-time phoneme detection
  • It offers advanced spectral processing capabilities for precise adjustments
  • The De-Esser provides intelligent sound correction without sacrificing desired sound quality

Revolutionary Content-Aware Approach

You will be amazed by the revolutionary content-aware approach of Sonible’s smart:deess. This cutting-edge tool takes de-essing to a whole new level by analyzing speech patterns and enhancing vocal clarity with precision. It goes beyond traditional de-essers that simply reduce the level of one frequency band. Instead, smart:deess intelligently builds a ‘voiceprint’ of the input voice signal, allowing for a more customized and effective de-essing process.

By focusing on the actual content of the signal, rather than just the level of one frequency band, the plugin ensures that the desired sound is enhanced while unwanted sibilants and plosives are effectively balanced. This not only improves sound quality but also saves valuable time during the audio production workflow.

One of the key benefits of smart:deess is its use of AI technology. It can identify specific individual phonemes in real-time, without the need to set a threshold. This allows for more natural and precise processing of the entire sibilant, resulting in a balanced and professional sound.

Additionally, the De-Esser offers powerful spectral processing capabilities. The Color controls allow users to fine-tune the sibilant character and achieve the desired balance without losing the edge of the sound. It can even revive dull and lisping sibilants with its smart:deess spectral processing.

Unleashing the Power of AI

Experience the transformative capabilities of AI as it unleashes the power of Sonible’s smart:deess This innovative tool utilizes AI-driven vocal processing, revolutionizing the way we enhance voice recordings. With real-time phoneme detection, the De-Esser identifies specific individual phonemes without the need for manual threshold settings. By treating different phoneme types independently, it achieves a better balance and improves speech intelligibility.

The content-aware approach of Sonible’s De-Esser goes beyond traditional de-essing techniques. It analyzes the signal’s actual content, creating a ‘voiceprint’ of the input voice signal. This allows for a more precise and accurate de-essing process, focusing on the desired sound rather than correcting unwanted sound. By processing the entire sibilant, the De-Esser ensures a more natural result.

The power of AI is truly unleashed with smart:deess. It combines advanced spectral de-essing with automatic volume control and additional spectral processing. Through the use of color controls, users can tune the sibilant character and achieve the desired balance without sacrificing the edge. This AI-powered tool can even revive dull and lisping sibilants, providing a versatile solution for audio production.

Enhancing voice recordings with AI-driven tools like Sonible’s De-Esser represents the future of audio production. With its real-time phoneme detection and content-aware de-essing capabilities, it offers unprecedented control and precision. Embrace the power of AI and elevate your audio production to new heights.

Advanced Spectral Processing Techniques

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Sonible’s smart:deessthrough its advanced spectral processing techniques. This powerful tool offers real-time analysis capabilities, allowing you to identify and address problematic sibilant sounds in your audio recordings. With enhanced control over sibilant character, you can achieve a more balanced and natural sound. By utilizing spectral processing, Sonible’s De-Esser improves speech clarity by targeting specific phonemes and treating them independently. This customizable de-essing approach ensures that different phoneme types are properly addressed, resulting in a more polished and professional sound. Additionally, the plugin saves you time by focusing on the desired sound rather than correcting unwanted sounds. Its content-aware approach analyzes the actual content of the signal, creating a ‘voiceprint’ and intelligently balancing sibilants and plosives. This not only streamlines your workflow but also allows for analysis review and result refinement. With the time-saving benefits of content-aware de-essing and the customizable control over sibilant character, Sonible’s smart:deess is an essential tool for achieving pristine audio quality and improving speech intelligibility.

Fine-Tuning With Intuitive Color Controls

To further enhance your control over sibilant character and achieve the desired balance without sacrificing edge, the plugin offers intuitive color controls. These customizable settings allow you to fine-tune the de-essing process to achieve optimal results for your specific audio source and genre. With real-time feedback, you can make precise adjustments to the color controls and hear the changes instantly, ensuring that you are achieving the desired effect.

By enhancing vocal clarity with intelligent processing, Sonible’s De-Esser ensures that the de-essing is focused on removing the unwanted sibilance while preserving the natural quality of the voice. The intelligent processing analyzes the content of the signal, not just the level of one frequency band, allowing for a more accurate and effective de-essing process.

smart:deess is compatible with different audio sources and genres, making it versatile for various production needs. Whether you are working on mixing, mastering, film/video sound, or sound design, this de-esser seamlessly integrates into your existing production workflows.

Transforming Sibilants With Smart:Deess

By fine-tuning the intuitive color controls, you can easily transform sibilants and achieve the desired balance without sacrificing edge in Sonible’s De-Esser. This powerful tool utilizes real-time analysis to enhance vocal clarity and provide intelligent sound correction. With its efficient workflow optimization, you can save time and focus on the desired sound rather than correcting unwanted artifacts.

The smart:deess feature of Sonible’s De-Esser takes a content-aware approach to de-essing. Instead of solely relying on the level of one frequency band, it analyzes the actual content of the signal. It builds a ‘voiceprint’ of the input voice signal, allowing for analysis review and result refinement.

The power of AI comes into play as the de-esser identifies specific individual phonemes in real time, without the need for setting a threshold. It processes the entire sibilant for a more natural result and treats different phoneme types independently for better balance.

The spectral processing capabilities of smart:deess combine automatic volume control with additional spectral processing. The customizable de-essing options allow you to use the color controls to tune the sibilant character and achieve the desired balance without losing edge. This means you can revive dull and lisping sibilants with the smart:deess spectral processing.

With Sonible’s De-Esser, you have the tools at your disposal to transform sibilants and achieve professional-grade results in your audio production.


The content-aware approach of the de-esser analyzes the input voice signal using signal analysis techniques, vocal frequency detection, machine learning algorithms, and spectral shaping methods. This achieves a natural vocal sound.

Yes, the de-esser can distinguish between different types of phonemes. It has high phoneme classification accuracy and can recognize language-specific phonemes. However, background noise and different speaking styles can impact its performance, and it may face challenges in distinguishing between similar phonemes.

The power of AI greatly benefits the de-essing process by enhancing accuracy and precision. AI-driven advancements revolutionize the way de-essing is done, leveraging technology to achieve superior results.

The de-esser applies spectral shaping to the sibilants, using frequency detection and adaptive filtering. This enhances vocal clarity by reducing harshness and controlling dynamic range, resulting in a more balanced and natural sound.

To achieve the desired balance without losing edge, you can use the color controls. These controls allow you to fine-tune the sibilant character and find the perfect balance between clarity and preserving the natural sound.

Initial Thoughts

Say goodbye to sibilant nightmares and hello to audio bliss with the Content-Aware De-Esser from Sonible. This groundbreaking tool, powered by AI, revolutionizes the way you tackle those pesky sibilant sounds, saving you time and effort. With its intuitive color controls and advanced spectral processing techniques, you can now fine-tune your audio with precision and achieve the perfect balance. Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool – register now and experience the transformation for yourself.
As always from a Sonible product, you get a well build and innovative solution solver. Simple to use and with a straightforward interface.

As always innovative solution from Sonible!
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