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AI Voice Over Services Compared

Artificial Intelligent Technology AI Technology is great and for years developers have tried to copy the human voicing into a computer program. Anyone remembers this

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Unify Standard

Hyped Unify by PluginGuru

Skippy Who Unify what?? I have been a fan of Skippy´s ( John Lemkuhls) different libraries for a very long time. Purchased almost all of

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WRB on tablet
Cockos Reaper

Reaper and WRB

In this video I am showing one out of  a million possibilites using WRB(Web Remote Builder) and Actions/scripts in Cockos Reaper getting wireless access and

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Reel to reel

Dynamik i ens musik?

I mange mange år var det kutyme at ens musik skulle være indspillet så højt som muligt. Det var dengang man havde båndoptagere og andet

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