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Too Many Audio Plugins

Audio Plugin madness Overflow Hype!

Black Friday 2019 is coming omg:-)

Over the last 4-5 years I have invested and bought a ton of effect plugins, Vst´s and sample libraries. And still I only use the same plugins all the time! But why? Because they are good, versatile, does the job and I know them well:-) Yeah well, why did you buy all the other plugins then? Like really?I have always been interested in new sound and possibilities in sound creation and production.

Marketing Hype!
But even more it is all due to marketing hype. Companies present their products so well and so convincing that I myself, simply have to buy it! I bought a ton of Waves plugins years back and I have only been able to use a very… very few of them. So few that I was thinking about removing them all, but then again going through the hassle installing again if I ever wanted to…naah. Not that Waves make bad plugins, but they just don’t server my needs….anymore.

And still I use the same go to plugins:-)
But now I have decided to start using those obviously great plugins like Accusonos Regroover Pro(affiliate link) which I really could use for a track I am working on. I have some loops from Heavyocity Damage, which I would like to rearrange for my track and I know Regroover is great in doing just that in a very sufficient manner. So I will share a post about this soon.

Writers Block cure
 Also to cure Writers block I have invested heavily in various plugins which should help coming up with new ideas and boost your creative mind. I have Captain Chords from Mixed In Key, which also seems to be great fun and a very comprehensive bundle of plugins like chords, Bass, melody and lastly beat which was released 14 days ago. Captain Chords 3.0 interface
Then I have Melodysauce which is very simple to use but seems to create some good ideas and ChordPotion from FeelYourSound, which is somewhat more technical to use, but the author of this plugin creates some good tutorials which might help me out. Also comes to mind is Riffer(affiliate link) from Audio Modern and HatefishRhyGenerator from HorNet plugins which I still have to comprehend as this is a strange one indeed. 

And even more
And there are even more plugins like various reverbs, delays, filters, panners etc. etc. also some from waves. I think I will try to use these plugins and give my views on these in a blog post or properly several posts with the amount of plugins I have to try out:-)

Ohhh and not to forget the Complete AIR bundle I also bought….it was on sale 🙂 But these must have the smallest GUI or are made for labtops?

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