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Arturia’s latest offering in the realm of digital synthesis, Pigments 5, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation and user experience enhancement. Recently introduced, Pigments 5, the newest iteration of their celebrated ‘Polychrome’ software synthesizer, embodies a fusion of technical prowess and creative flexibility, catering to the evolving needs of music producers and sound designers.

The core of Pigments 5 is its significantly reduced CPU consumption, achieved through multi-core processing, a leap forward in technological efficiency. This advancement allows a broader spectrum of users to delve into the depths of this powerful softsynth without the constraints of computational limitations. This optimization is particularly noticeable in systems with lesser processing power, ensuring a smoother creative process for all users.

A striking feature of Pigments 5 is its ability to process external audio through the Utility engine. By routing audio to the instrument via track sidechain input, users gain access to a new realm of sound manipulation possibilities. This feature, coupled with additional FX routing options, opens doors to a universe of sonic exploration, allowing users to infuse their projects with unique auditory textures.

The user interface of Pigments 5 has undergone a thoughtful refresh, emphasizing an improved play view. The interface now boasts new visualizers and other user experience enhancements, making the synthesizer more intuitive and visually appealing. This revamp not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also streamlines workflow, allowing users to focus more on creativity and less on navigating the software.

One of the most exciting developments in Pigments 5 is the generative sequencer. Featuring one-click sequence generation, new play modes, saveable presets, and sequence browsing, this sequencer is a powerful tool for spontaneous creativity. With built-in classical and generative-focused scales, it enables users to continuously generate fresh musical sequences, fostering an environment of endless inspiration. Whether in a deep creative flow or experimenting with new ideas, the sequencer proves to be an invaluable asset.

Pigments 5 also enriches its sound palette with the introduction of 100 new factory presets, bringing the total to over 1500 sounds. This expansion includes new wavetables and samples, such as 808s and vocal chops, broadening the sonic capabilities of the synthesizer. Additionally, Arturia has released three new “exploration” sound expansion banks focused on MPE, each featuring 150 presets, further diversifying the range of available sounds.

In summary, Arturia Pigments 5 emerges as a significant update, not just in name but in its comprehensive enhancement of features. From its CPU efficiency and external audio processing capabilities to its revamped user interface and expanded sound library, Pigments 5 elevates the synthesizer experience to new heights. It is available now for an introductory price of $99, with free updates for existing Pigments users. This update signifies Arturia’s dedication to evolving with the dynamic landscape of digital music production, ensuring Pigments remains at the forefront of software synthesizers.

What does Pigments offer you as a tool?

Arturia’s Pigments 5 ushers in a new era of sound synthesis, offering a powerful platform for musicians and producers to create unique sounds. Pigments combines complex synthesis with an intuitive design, making it a versatile tool for both professionals and enthusiasts. Whether crafting mix-ready presets or diving into detailed patch creation, Pigments is the ideal companion for your sound design journey.

Pigments 5 is more than just a synthesizer; it’s a comprehensive sound design studio. The software unites four dynamic sound engines—Wavetable, Sample & Granular, Harmonic Engine, and Virtual Analog—each contributing to an endless sonic landscape. From soft acoustic timbres to deep, hard-edged bass and atmospheric choir pads to granular percussive glitches, Pigments 5 offers unparalleled flexibility.

Wavetable synthesis

The Wavetable engine in Pigments 5 is a treasure trove for sound designers, featuring over 160 wavetables. Users can select waveform snapshots, morph between them, or import their own wavetables for greater customization. The engine’s dynamic tools, like phase distortion and wavefolding, enable users to mold wavetables into new sonic shapes.

Sampling and Granular Synthesis

Pigments 5 excels in sampling and granular synthesis as well. Users can import their samples or choose from hundreds provided, transforming them into granular synth patches. The granular engine provides detailed controls for grain density, length, start position, and pitch, allowing for intricate sound manipulation.

Additive Synthesis

The Harmonic engine offers an expansive world of additive synthesis. With up to 512 partials and dual customizable formant filters, users can create custom waveforms down to the finest harmonic detail. This engine is perfect for crafting acoustic string and wind sounds or aggressive material timbres.

Analog Synthesis

Virtual Analog, another pillar of Pigments 5, leverages Arturia’s award-winning analog emulation technology. It offers the iconic sound of vintage synths with three oscillators, noise, and unison features. Each oscillator has five waveforms, plus tuning, FM, and keyboard controls, bringing the charm of old-school analog synths.

Modulation, filters, Sequencer and FX´s

Pigments 5 also introduces the Utility engine, which adds depth and texture to any sound. This engine includes an extra oscillator and up to two layers of sampled noise. It even allows for external audio processing via sidechain input, making Pigments capable of handling any sound imaginable.

The synthesizer’s twin morphing filters can be customized to taste, with 11 filter types ranging from classic analog ladders to modern variations like surgeon, formant, and comb filters. Enhanced routing provides detailed control over the signal chain, allowing for series or parallel configurations and separate FX bus routing.

Modulation in Pigments 5 is boundless, with the ability to modulate any parameter using any source. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating modulations and movements a breeze. The color-coded modulation source ensures you never lose sight of your modulations.

Pigments 5’s FX panel adds studio-grade effects to your sounds. With 18 FX types, twin insert buses, and a send bus, users can combine three premium effects to create refined, mix-ready sounds.

The software’s fully-fledged generative sequencer and arpeggiator inject movement and momentum into any sound. The sequencer’s intuitive interface allows for easy adjustment of multiple parameters, one-click sequence generation, and scale randomization.

Pigments 5 is not just about sound creation; it’s also about learning and understanding sound design. Its end-to-end design and color-coded interface, along with additional tutorials, enhance user experience, making Pigments a comprehensive tool for both sound creation and education.

Feature List Overview

  1. Multi-Engine Architecture: Pigments 5 offers four distinct sound engines – Wavetable, Sample & Granular, Harmonic Engine, and Virtual Analog. Each engine provides unique sound creation possibilities.
  2. Wavetable Engine: Featuring over 160 wavetables, this engine allows users to select, morph between waveforms, or import their own wavetables. It also includes advanced tools like phase distortion and wavefolding.
  3. Sample and Granular Synthesis: Users can import their samples or use the provided ones, transforming them into complex granular synth patches with detailed control over grain parameters.
  4. Harmonic Engine: This engine offers additive synthesis with up to 512 partials and dual customizable formant filters, allowing the creation of intricate custom waveforms.
  5. Virtual Analog Engine: Leveraging Arturia’s analog emulation technology, this engine simulates the sound of vintage synths with three oscillators, multiple waveforms, FM, and keyboard tracking.
  6. Utility Engine: Adds an extra oscillator and up to two layers of sampled noise. It also facilitates external audio processing through a sidechain input.
  7. Twin Morphing Filters: With 11 filter types, these filters offer a range of sounds from classic analog to modern variations. Users can customize the routing for series or parallel configurations.
  8. Advanced Modulation System: An intuitive interface allows for limitless modulation possibilities, with the ability to modulate any parameter using any source.
  9. FX Panel: Featuring 18 FX types and twin insert buses, this panel allows users to combine three effects, enhancing the sonic quality of their creations.
  10. Generative Sequencer and Arpeggiator: The sequencer offers easy adjustment, one-click sequence generation, and scale randomization, injecting dynamism into sounds.
  11. Comprehensive Sound Library: Pigments 5 includes over 1500 sounds with 100 new factory presets, new wavetables, and samples, offering a rich palette for sound design.
  12. Enhanced User Interface: The refreshed interface includes an improved play view with new visualizers and UX enhancements for an intuitive user experience.
  13. Reduced CPU Consumption: Utilizing multi-core processing, Pigments 5 is more efficient, allowing it to run smoothly on various computer systems.
  14. Learning and Educational Tools: The software includes tutorials and a color-coded interface to aid users in understanding and mastering sound synthesis.
  15. External Sound Processing via Audio Input: This feature allows users to process external audio using the utility engine, enhancing the versatility of the software.
  16. Generative Sequencer Boost: The sequencer now hosts a generative algorithm for creating sequences with just a click, featuring classical and generative-focused scales.

Great update for a great synth

Another great and free update for this already fantastic feature rich synth.
With a more streamlined interface than ever, its become even more smooth to use on a daily basis.
This is one of my 5 goto synths, for inspiration and discovery.
Arturia’s Pigments 5 represents a significant leap in software synthesizers. Its combination of powerful sound engines, intuitive design, and educational elements make it an essential tool for anyone interested in exploring the vast possibilities of sound synthesis​​​​.

Another great FREE Update!
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