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Algonaut Atlas

Algonaut Atlas Drum player

In this blog I will share my thoughts on the Atlas Algonaut drum plugin and show its features.

One think I often miss when creating music, is that it should be fun or at least a positive experience being creative.
Atlas is one of those plugins I feel give me positive vibes and sparks my creativity. Its easy to setup and easy to use.  If you have a giant drum library, like many have I pressume including myself. You nearly never use a fraction of those samples as its too time consuming, boring and tedious listening to them all out off any context.

All this is gone with Atlas I feel. You simply create Maps of your sample folders and then you can create Drum kits out of these.

These are put into trigger pads ranging from 1×8 to 8×8 for Launchpads and Ableton Push controllers. I have mine setup for Akai MPD218 a very cheap controller that does the job btw. 🙂 So I have access to 16 drums at once and these can of course also be triggered by a keyboard.
If you are not satisfied with the selected drumkit you simply click on New Kit and Atlas creates a new drum kit from the selected map. You can also choose to only some drums replaced by new if you like the Kick, snare, hihat combo and just some of the percussive drums changed. And again you can offcourse just click on the map and choose whatever sample you like.
All samples can be output to individuel outputs for further treating etc.
Atlas has a few controlls itself like Shape, filer, pitch and pan.

Also Atlas is fairly lightweight on you cpu. It is not as advanced as XO from XLN Audio which also has a dedicated drum sequencer built in. But then again its cheaper, easy to use and for some reason fun and inspirering to use.

Currently it is in version 1.4.2 and its been for a while, so I hope they soon will come with an update with some even more great features, maybe a drumsequencer ??  But fact is that is a very stable plugin and does the job for me:-)

Format : VST2, 32Bit, 64Bit, Mac, Windows

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