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AI Voice Over Services Compared

Artificial Intelligent Technology

AI Technology is great and for years developers have tried to copy the human voicing into a computer program.
Anyone remembers this attempt from Microsoft back in the days:-)

Microsoft Sam
AI Head

But why would you even want to use Artificial voicing at all?

If you are like me, not native English speaking and find it much easier to write in English or another language. Also, I have the bad habit when doing my own voiceover saying ahh, ooh, ehh all the time, very annoying listening to and takes a lot of time to edit out of the recording.
Again its also very easy to take a full article and convert into a Podcast.
For people with reading disabilities, it is also great having this option.
And for people on the move, using their beloved mobile its a godsend.

Creating a good quality voiceover also needs some good equipment and a well-made environment to record in. This can be very expensive.
By using AI Voiceover you always have the same quality and you control the sound. Also, it is easy to edit, change, or insert sentences and words, etc.
And not least its cheaper, a lot cheaper and also less time-consuming than using a real voice over artist.

Comparison and why?

The idea for this article started when I was presented with this new fantastic Voice over service, by Synthesys and got my hands on this Early Bird Sale. It was for me still very expensive and for me, not good enough.
So I searched for other companies and tried them out.

Focus on audio/voice quality

The main focal point for me was the audio/voice quality produced using the program, without doing any audio enhancement. So it was out of the box:-)
I used an excerpt from an article on this page and used a similar voice and language using all the different programs. Male and English American.
Some of the services seem to be using the same provider like Google or Amazon.

Compare the voice over

Here are all the outputs from the various services, so that you can compare for yourself.
I also got my hands on a trial of Wellsaid, which is not presented in the video. I have not tried to do any dynamics processing to the audio. So loudness varies a lot. It also seems that my browser Chrome, can apply some initial static noise for some reason.

Audio Flow
Wellsaid logo

The Comparison Video

Here is the video I have compiled using the various services. There are only used out of the box AI voices throughout the video. Please recommend any services you find useful out there.
This is not an in-depth analysis or tutorial, but merely a simple comparison of the different services and approaches.

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