some history

Passion for audio

Hi there, I am Dan Stanley and this is some info about me, why and what for.
24bit has for a long time been my playground for testing out various CMS tools and also my passion for electronic music and sounddesign. I love diving into almost everything thats has somekinda technical or computerized flow. I love progress, but with age I have surely become better at selecting what is really progress and what is retrogression. Also I love to share this knowledge about audio, music and webdesign.

Starting out

I started playing piano at 7-8 years, tried bass, trumpet and violin too. Ended up playing keyboard and thru the 80´s and 90´s I had a ton of analog gear all over my little dorm room. Then I built a smaller studio and started to use Atari computers running Cubase(which in fact was promoted as Cubix at release), and Emagic Logic. Then I went on to use Adap II Harddisk recording and still had a ton of various hardware samplers, drummachines, Effectunits and synths.  At some point I went from Atari to PC, and when the PC market exploded things happend fast. Still I used Cubase for a while, then I tried Reason and finally went for Ableton Live. And everything I do nowadays are done in the box, still using my keyboard and Push 2 controller and too many plugins, way too many. Main DAWS are Ableton Live and Cockos Reaper. 


I have played in a couple of bands and also done some collaboration releases. Had a couple of tracks on our national radio and have also been involved in some underscoring for a couple of underground film. 
Today I still collaborate online with various artists and are still open for underscoring projects. Get in touch:-) My main influence since listening to my older brothers music must be Pink Floyd, Einsturzende Neubauten, The Residents, Steve Roach, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Dead Kennedys, Frontline Assembly and around a million more, mostly from the 80´s I must admit:-)

Tools used

For this website I have used WordPress
Elementor Pro a really great visual webeditor
Microthemer also a great visual editor focused on CSS Template used is the great Astra.
Images mostly from Pexels

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