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A little introduction to why I created this site in the first place
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Welcome to my musical playground.
Passionate about electronic music production and its endless possibilities, 24bit is a platform where I share my knowledge and experience. With over 35 years of music production, I write about the tools I use and have tested myself.

24bit Website: The 24bit website was established in 2003. Initially, it served as a platform for a mix of articles, showcasing my music, and providing mastering services. However, my primary goal has always been to share knowledge about the tools I use in music creation.

Musical History and Tools

Analog to Digital: Throughout my journey, I have explored the transition from analog to digital music production, ultimately embracing the concept of creating everything “in the box.” I have experimented with various analog synths and samplers, incorporating unconventional instruments such as the violin, trumpet, bass, and even a Roland digital delay pedal with a sampling function.

Studio Setup: I once had a complete studio filled with synths, effects, mixers, multitrack tape machines, and iconic drum machines like the TR-808/707, along with a Roland MSQ-100 sequencer. During this period, I also relied solely on a Korg M1 workstation, utilizing its built-in step sequencer to create all my tracks.

DAW Evolution: As technology progressed, I shifted to Atari computers running Emagic Logic, a predecessor to the widely known Logic for Apple. My primary Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) at the time was Steinberg Cubase. I also invested in the Hybrid Arts Adap 2 sampling system, which unfortunately turned out to be a poor investment. Alongside my music production endeavors, I ventured into importing Atari Falcon 030 computers to Denmark, primarily targeting music studios. (Who remembers Atari Jaguar?)

Transition to the PC World: Eventually, I transitioned to the PC world and continued using Cubase for a while until I discovered Ableton Live and Cockos Reaper which by far is my preferred DAW. Presently, I operate an older (soon to be replaced) I7 PC, along with a Focusrite audio interface, Behringer X-Touch, Nektar Keyboard, and Novation Launchpad.  I prefer simplicity and a minimalistic approach, focusing on getting the most out of the tools I have. 

Musical Style and Philosophy

Experimental Approach: Regardless of the genre, my music style has always been experimental. I find joy in creating unique soundscapes based on various stories or themes. Why create what everybody else does when I can explore new territories?

24bit is a platform that encapsulates my passion for electronic music production and my extensive experience in the field. Through sharing knowledge and discussing the tools I have used throughout my musical journey, I strive to inspire others and showcase the endless possibilities that electronic music production offers.

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It doesnt mean that I would promote any product I don´t find useable or havn´t used myself.

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