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Ableton Live and Cockos Reaper

Ableton Live 10 are in the horizon

The beta is also available and I have tested it up against Live 9.


To me there are no groundbreaking optimizing to find in loading and closing time. Also the CPU
usage seems the same:-(

And there is no VST3 support, no optimized freeze function.
Some new plugins which I could do without for sure.
Still not possible to make your own snapshot/macros so you easily by
keycommand ex. could have the midieditor on the whole screen.

For me the pricing is to high for getting the Pros below.


But they have created a better midi editing feature and better implementation of PUSH 2.
Also Max4Live are now fully integrated in to Live, which is great for those who uses it and not
so great for those that doesnt, as you cannot remove it.

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