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New Release coming up......Finally!!

In 2004 I created the purely improvised release, Meskalin vol. 3.
Which were released again by Petroglyph Music Netlabel in 2014.
Im in the proces of doing a follow up, in the same genre.
This should be better mixed and mastered, since the 2004 release was none of that:-) 
I might also re release the 2004 album with a better sound as a bonus release.
Also I might have a teaser released on the upcoming Ambient Online Collaboration 8
which will be due mid May 2017. Shortly after I will release the new album.
Titel still unknown, but it still will be improvised, dark industrial and maybe even spacy ambient.
The main idea is for me to away from all that unneccesay software and technical stuff.
Going back to basics and that is for me to use Ableton Live´s Sampler as
main tool only, maybe throw in some other synths. But maintain simplicity and keeping it organic.  
Well thats the plan for the next release. 


Stay Tuned!!

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