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Intrinsic Viscosity Of A Solution - By Ivan Black

Ivan Black creates one great release after the other, and this is absolutly no exception.
Nice flowing ambient soundscapes sound surrounds you.
There is alot of diversity among the tracks, but still its a great complete release.
I also love when the sounds has room for dynamics and are allowed to breath.
Good quality release. Give it a listen!

Ivan Black - Intrinsic Viscosity Of A Solution









Released by http://petroglyphmusic.com/  free to download and streaming

X-mas Compilation 2016

Another year and another huge Christmas Release Compilation of unreleased tracks.
Petroglyph has made this release into tradition. 
You get hours of sound to explore as it will be released 23-12-2016
Featuring my track, imogen projekt -imellem stjernerne(between the stars). 
So head over to Petroglyph.

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