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24bit is and always have been a site about electronic music production. My name is Dan Stanley, im 48 years old and live in Denmark.
This is more or less my personal site, where I share my thoughts, ideas and knowledge. 
I have been into music or soundcreation, as I prefer to call it, for more or less 30 years now.
I started out messing with a piano and have been around violin, guitar, brass etc.
I have had my small dorm room filled with mixers, sequencers, synhts, tape recorders, samplers and drummachines.
You know the hardware it took more or less an hour to setup, load the needed patches, get in sync. etc.

Then I turned to Atari STe Emagic Logic, Cubase and Adap harddisk recording.
​Finally Iv ended up using Ableton Live as my prefered DAW, which fits my workflow the best.
This is my current setuo, all done "in the box". 

Lately Iv begun to use Cockos Reaper for some of my projects.
I have a much simplere setup these days. Windows 10 PC i7 CPU, 16Gb. a couple of SSD disk and a 4 Tb NAS with samples etc. I use an M-Audio Oxygen keyboard, a Ableton Push 2controller and Touchable on my Ipad.
My goto VST plugins must be Native Instruments Reaktor, Kontakt, Timefreezer and Spectrasonic Omnisphere 2. Also Ableton Live Sampler is one of my choices.
For monitoring I use ESI Near speakers and AKG K701 Headphones.
I love to experiment and I play alotta styles, but mainly I like to create industrial ambient.
Mostly I also create my own sounds, so Omnisphere 2 and Ableton Live Sampler fit my needs. I dont create any mainstream sound:-)

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