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Akai_Pro Some see a fire hazard, we see fire starter. Share if sampling #inspires you.

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dBridge This @splice platform is sick. I just freaked out Just Blaze with it. Big up @Resoundsound for the invite

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Akai_Pro Calling all Studio & Renaissance Users! Have you downloaded your free @primeloops MPC Trap Drums expansion pack yet?

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diplo putting acapellas up on soundcloud. do something creative with em………

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iZotopeInc Here are some tips for tightening up the #bass in your #mix! #tutorialtuesday #mixing #audioproduction #bottomend

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Cloudbaseret Backup løsninger

I denne artikel vil jeg prøve og samle mine erfaringer med diverse gratis og betalte løsninger.

Jeg vil fokuserer på deling af filer i forbindelse med musik projekter olign.



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Jeg kunne lide en @YouTube-video fra @levelcapgaming BF4 Loadout A-91 Stealth Assassin - A Great Silent Weapon
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Jeg kunne lide en video på @YouTube BF4: Killstreak mania #6 - M60 Powah
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Jeg kunne lide en @YouTube-video fra @lemilemilica Aes Dana - Live Set - BOOM Festival 2014

RT @HookUp_Official: Arturiaからの提案。これが最強の組み合わせ!KEYLABと次世代DAWソフト Bitwig Studio のバンドルパッケージ“Producer Pack”が近日発売! http://…
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