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Intrinsic Viscosity Of A Solution – By Ivan Black

Ivan Black creates one great release after the other, and this is absolutly no exception.
Nice flowing ambient soundscapes sound surrounds you.
There is alot of diversity among the tracks, but still its a great complete release.
I also love when the sounds has room for dynamics and are allowed to breath.
Good quality release. Give it a listen!

Ivan Black – Intrinsic Viscosity Of A Solution

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Lacking inspiration ????

I guess all creative minds once in a while runs dry, myself included. I very often tend to the allmighty internet and youtube in order to get some new ideas and technics. Over time some of these has become my go to creativity boosters. Some I have bought sounds or lessons from in order to get better at what I like to do and also get inspiration. Take a look in the links menu, where I have begun gathering these inspirations into various catagories. There will come alot more over time:-)


Join me in creating some experimental Industrial Spaced out Ambient sound:-)
Find me at Splice, doesnt matter if you dont use the same gear/DAW, as it also handles audiostems.
And its free to use, so sign up. Splice free sign up

2016 A new Era has begun

For many many years I have used Joomla as my website platform, before that I used mambo and also tried every possible CMS available. Then yesterday I realized one of the things that was holding me back from releasing contents on a regularly basis, was the complexicty of Joomla. Joomla is great but has outgrown my needs I guess. Then I began to look at online possibilities like Tumblr and the like. Decided to try WordPress yesterday and wow, was that a whole new experience. So easy to setup and customize, and so easy to write contents into. So this is the new 24bit website coming along.