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So many plugins – So little time:-)

The last year or so I have really looked into getting better at mixing. Bought a couple of Mixing courses and watched hell alotta Youtube videoes:-) Also Iv downloaded alot of free plugins  and bought quite alot too, in fact too many. And that is the problem. I have put too much into the technical aspect and often been blinded by the commercials, this plugin will help you achieve this and this plugin  will do this. It never stops. pluginsXT

















Of course there once in a while comes something really new and usefull. But often its more or less the same. And no matter how many sample packs you buy and how many VST synths you got, the music you create wont be that much better. All you will do is wasting alotta money and a hell lot of time.  So with this in mind I decided to firstly not buying another Plugin whatsoever for at long while, until I have even used and tried the once already bought. Really How many EQs and reverbs do one man need:-) ? Also I decided to create some tracks with all the plugins have in some way or another. Even though Im an Ableton Live user, I bought Cockos Reaper a while back as I was having some really annoying performance issues with live(has been fixed). Reaper is a great DAW, but it is not Ableton Live and it takes for me anyways, alotta time and effort to really master and enjoy. So for now its only Ableton Live:-).  By creating some tracks with all my plugins I hope to learn which one I really need and which one to throw away. I have already removed most of the demos and some free stuff. Some of the free plugins are by the way quite good and…..free:-)

I was looking into buying the new UVI Falcon with a discount. But really,  I have Ableton Live Suite, Omnisphere 2 and Native instruments Komplete enough possibilities to last a very very long time. But maybe in the future I will look into this complex synth who knows.

Any ways here is just short clip of a sketch Iv created testing some of my newly bought plugins.

Intrinsic Viscosity Of A Solution – By Ivan Black

Ivan Black creates one great release after the other, and this is absolutly no exception.
Nice flowing ambient soundscapes sound surrounds you.
There is alot of diversity among the tracks, but still its a great complete release.
I also love when the sounds has room for dynamics and are allowed to breath.
Good quality release. Give it a listen!

Ivan Black – Intrinsic Viscosity Of A Solution

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Lacking inspiration ????

I guess all creative minds once in a while runs dry, myself included. I very often tend to the allmighty internet and youtube in order to get some new ideas and technics. Over time some of these has become my go to creativity boosters. Some I have bought sounds or lessons from in order to get better at what I like to do and also get inspiration. Take a look in the links menu, where I have begun gathering these inspirations into various catagories. There will come alot more over time:-)


Join me in creating some experimental Industrial Spaced out Ambient sound:-)
Find me at Splice, doesnt matter if you dont use the same gear/DAW, as it also handles audiostems.
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