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splice .@henryfong and @JTRICKDJ hit #8 on @beatport! Experience "Scream" in the DNA Player:…

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splice #32lives & #jbridge allow you to easily use 32-bit plugins in your 64-bit DAW:

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cdmblogs Watch @adrianocapcom Make Surprising Objects, Laser Beams into Triggers for Wild Music…

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iZotopeInc Using a spectrogram to understand and edit audio is a powerful paradigm. Removing unwanted sound is an easy airbrush!

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Jeg kunne lide en video på @YouTube Interaction with 4DSOUND & Ableton Live

Damn de svenskere er skøre:-)

Have you heard ‘Erritanarto’ by MetaDronos on #SoundCloud?

(Petroglyph260) Scott Lawlor - The Ambient appliance Series 1 (Symphony for prepared dryer) via @wordpressdotcom
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